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Selling my home staging tips

December 18th, 2012 11:06 AM by Michael Leeker

Selling you home can be a stressfull and often lengthy task. But, with proper preperation you can increase your chance of finding a buyer and raising your sale price by properly preparing your home for sale. "Staging" your home is the term often used and is a key ingredient in selling your home.

Three Tips on getting ready to sell next spring.

1. Curb Appeal.

That first impression is critical. Re-mulch, water, fertilize and seed your lawn so it's fresh and green. Cut away any dead plants and replace with new and fresh plantings. Clean your door and paint it, fresh door handles and locks show that you are keeping your home updated. Stain the deck and clean the siding.

2. Interior paint.

Your interior decor shoud make that buyer feel that they are buying an up to date modern home. Neutralize the wild colors with more subtle earth tones and less wallpaper. Keep the floors clean and the carpets clean and updated.

3. Furniture and clutter.

Rememeber that less in more !! The less "extra" furniture you have the larger the rooms look. The buyer want to see space. Remove the extra chairs and extra plants to make your home look clean and uncluttered. Take down the extra pictures. Clean off the counter tops and desk tops.

Preparing your home for sale and proper staging starts with you. But an experienced agent can help you stage your home by making suggestions, assisting with decorating and helping you maximize your sale.

The St Louis real estate market is heating up, have your agent come to your home early in the season so you can have it staged and ready.



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Posted by Michael Leeker on December 18th, 2012 11:06 AM


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