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Younger buyers are pushing the St Louis market higher. They are well qualified, dual income buyers that want a few things in a home that will determine their decision. 

1. TECHNOLOGY  - the young buyers want to make sure the home is WiFi capable, economically efficient and has modern appliances. 

2. LOCATION - as always this plays a big part in the sale but the young buyer likes to walk to get coffee or meet friends at the local bar or restaurant. They also like great schools. 

3. OPEN SPACE - is important on the interior like big kitchens that flow into the family room for entertaining.

4. UPDATED KITCHEN and BATHS - Most younger couples both work. SO having these items done lets them save time and cash once they move in. 

5. HOME OFFICE - many younger buyers in St Louis and St Louis County seek a home office. Many companies allow their employees to work at home and this is a big plus for those that spend more time working at home. 

Keep these in mind when buying a home and or selling a home. Call me anytime for help with either. 


Mike Leeker 

Posted by Michael Leeker on January 8th, 2018 3:28 PM


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